Download Windows 10 all versions (pro,home,) 32 bit & 64 bit

Download Windows 10 all versions

Windows 10 is A Oparating system that devloped by microsoft. Windows 10 not a free software but this is free for old windows user like windows 7 & 8. Download Windows 10 is very easy and safe.Download Windows 10 is a series of personal computer operating systems that are manufactured by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family operating system. Download Windows 10 is the successor of Windows 8.1, and was released for manufacturing on July 15, 2015, and was released for sale on July 29, 2015.Download Windows 10 all versions (pro,home,) 32 bit & 64 bit

Windows 10 receives a new build on an ongoing basis, which is available to users at no extra cost. And the mainstream build of Windows 10 has been introduced as YYMM with the version of YYMM and MM is representing the month being released. because the build version of Windows 10’s latest mainstream is 1809.

Additional testing builds for Windows 10 are available for Windows Insiders. And Devices can get these updates in an enterprise environment, or use long-term support milestones that only get important updates, such as security patches, during their ten years of extended support.




System requirments:-

    1. Processor 1Ghz or better

    2. Ram 1 gb for 32 bit & 2gb for 64 bit

    3. Hard disk minimum 20 gb for 32 bit & 25 gb for 64 bit

Download Windows 10 ISO without entering a Product Key


Download Windows 10 all versions (pro,home,) 32 bit & 64 bit


The release


On June 1, 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be released on July 29, 2015. And Microsoft launched an advertising campaign on July 10, 2015 on Windows 10, “Upgrade Your World”, which premiered television commercials in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Ads focused on the slogan with “more than 10 human steps” and focusing on new features and technologies supported by Windows 10 but requiring users to provide a more personalized experience.So The campaign culminated on July 29 in the thirteen cities with the launch programs because which celebrated “an unprecedented role of our biggest fans in the development of Windows 10”.



Windows Update October 10, 2018

The update of Windows 10 October 2018 is finally ready, and although there are certainly October update issues – which can lead to blue screens on certain Surface devices – there are still some brand new Windows 10 features that make the operating system better than ever improve. Let’s split up the main features and updates of the October 10, 2018 update.

Cloud clipboard and clipboard history

If you are something like us, copy and paste about a million things a day. And fortunately, Microsoft makes it easier for everyone. The October update gives you access to a clipboard history that will view everything that you have copied. By saving Win + V, you can quickly access various things that you have copied, saving you a lot of time.

But this is not the only clipboard feature in the Windows Update of 10 October 2018. We also have the Cloud Clipboard, which synchronizes your clipboard on different devices. This means you can save time even when using multiple Windows 10 devices.

Your mobile app

With the Windows Update October 10, 2018, there is much more compatibility with your phone – as long as you are an Android user. Of course, in Windows 10, you can now add photos from your phone, respond to messages, and more. Finally, Windows 10 and Android users have access to some of the platform-independent capabilities that the Apple ecosystem offers with MacOS Mojave and iOS 12.

Snip & Sketch

Microsoft replaced the Snipping Tool that we all know and love in October 2018 Update, replaced by Snip & Sketch – which is much better. Instead of opening a program, press Ctrl + N and drag a square on what you want to capture. Simply press Win + Shift + S to jump to a partial shot. You can use a traditional box, draw a circle circle or even draw a personal shape. Your photos go straight to your clipboard and save time.
It’s a great improvement and an example of Windows 10 that requires some of the best features of MacOS.

Storage mind

One of the biggest problems with Windows 10 is the amount of junk. Fortunately, the Windows Update of October 10, 2018 is Update – Storage Sense.
This amazing new technology automatically archives old, unused files into the cloud while removing local files. This is a good point between archive and free disk space because you still have access to all files loaded to the cloud.

Windows 10 News app

One of the main features of MacOS Mojave was the iOS News program that was transferred to the desktop, and Microsoft followed with a new Windows 10 News program. This handy little news agency gathers all your news in one compound place, which you can customize to your own wishes. The bonus? It looks good.

Dark in File Explorer

Windows 10 was dark for years, but File Explorer had a completely white color scheme for some reason. Fortunately, updating Windows 10 October 2018 is here to save our eyes. Dark-down is finally implemented for File Explorer, and it looks good – especially if you’ve turned off Dark, it’s all the time we’re talking.

Download Windows 10 all versions (pro,home,) 32 bit & 64 bit

We like it


The performance of Windows 10 continues to be impressive. Just like reliability, and Microsoft has continued to develop the interface, which now complies with both loyal Windows 7 and the few Windows 8.1 fans.
The main features such as searching (by Cortana) are absolutely solid. The installer (a disappointment even in Windows 8.1) remains a worthy replacement for the control panel. It testifies to the new-found strength of settings that, while the control panel is still present, will hardly ever be there.

Under the guidance, the security is even better with the April 2018 update and with support for Windows Hello and biometric support we will turn off passwords (if more sites and apps are added). Transparency was also an important stimulus here, with a brand new out-of-box experience. The Windows extensions for this year’s ink and games may be the most important for the various purposes of Windows 10 and Paint 3D offers a whole new form of massive creation.

We didn’t like it

Even with the launch of a number of new features. Microsoft has done it in an incomplete manner, as indicated in our impressions of Edge. We are not yet sold during the switchover. The new tab manager experience is welcome, but feels a little incomplete. Meanwhile, the e-reader is upgrading, but it feels like they are serving a long-filled niche.

Although we appreciate the improvements in transparency. Transparency still doesn’t change that Microsoft collects a lot of information about your use of the software. Finally, we are concerned that some major upgrades, such as the major improvements in Cortana, will not work on time for this review.


Download Windows 10 all versions (pro,home,) 32 bit & 64 bit








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Download Windows 10 all versions