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how to install windows 7

how to install windows 7

windows 7 installation in computer is a very easy. We have only windows 7 image file. There is different version of windows 7 like windows 7 ultimate ,windows 7 professional , home ,enterprise. for installation of windows 7 we have to windows 7 product key. this is not free os. So in this post we learn How to install windows 7 in our computer.

basic need for windows 7 installation:-

  1. A computer laptop or desktop
  2. installation media like DVD or Bootable USB
  3. And  some time

how to install windows7

SO let’start————————————————————————————————————————

here’simple steps just follow me—

Step 1 :- collect required items.

step2 :- insert bootable media bootable DVD or Bootable USB.

step3:- Restart the pc and press boot key of your computer. [boot key may be different for different computers]

step4:- then you will see boot manager then select your boot option DVD or USB

step5:- you will see windows screen  then click Install button appear on mid of screen

how to install windows7

step6:- then select your language and keyboard layout and  then hit next button

how to install windows7

step7:- after that chose your windows 7 version acording to your pc archetecture  and hit Enter

step 8:- then choose upgrade option [second one ] and then click next

how to install windows7

step9:- choose your installation partition [Installation should be in disk 0 partition 1]. you can format partiotion and then install.

step10:- after that windows installation will be start.

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after completing all this steps you will definetly install windows 7 in your computer. after than follow some steps and done your windows 7 ready to rock.