How to stop windows 10 update 100% working trick

How to stop windows 10 update 100% working trick

How to stop windows 10 update 100% working trick

In windows 10 automatic update has a big problem. an Automatic update has slowed down the computer and also slow down the internet speed. How to stop windows 10 update 100% working trick in this post we will provide information. to stop windows 10 update automatic

How to stop windows 10 update 100% working
How to stop windows 10 update 100% working

windows 10 update Advantages

  •  Windows 10 will include expanded

built-in mobile device management (MDM) capabilities. Which will be easy to manage the device from the cloud. Will be optimized through the  2 Windows 10 interface. Which allows Windows 10 to customize the interface based on that hardware In which this is going

  •   Windows 10 will be great for gaming

Microsoft is bringing big changes in PC gaming with Windows 10. We will see the beginning of DirectX 12 API, which promises fast, closer to metal gaming performance and more efficiency.

  • Windows 10 will be free

for Windows 8.1 users for its first year. While there is still no word on pricing for users on Windows 7 or earlier. Microsoft recently confirmed that the two most recent Windows versions Will be able to upgrade Windows 10 directly.

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  • Microsoft has added an Xbox app. and You can see what your friends are doing and send them messages. Check achievements, and watch game clips, people have pre-recorded. Microsoft’s goal is to Bring the full Xbox live experience on Windows 10 PC. Allowing you to stream games from your Xbox One console directly to your PC.
  • Windows 10 will include Universal Office Apps. and Microsoft is building Universal Office app that will be touch-friendly and will run on all devices. Future Windows Phone and Windows tablets will come with pre-installed Office Apps.
  • Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 will support the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standard. and users will be able to sign in to a commonly used app like Outlook using fingerprint readers. using a variety of biometric tools for retinal scanners.
  • Microsoft will launch a new web browser for Windows 10 which will be called Microsoft Edge. hence users will be able to annotate any web page using finger / stylus or keyboard input. near Spartan Reading mode, and the Cortana Voice Assistant will be integrated into the browser.

windows 10 update Disadvantages

  • Windows 10 can not upgrade the oldest versions of Windows like Windows 2000 and Windows 2001 etc …, with Windows 10.
  • there is more cost for a new PC,but there is no update in the Windows Media Player. it is just as it was before.
  • Touch-friendly features have been removed from Windows 10. and  Now you can not swipe down the app from top to bottom. in case of touch control of operating system, many tablet users are facing some difficulties.
  • You can not resize windows using the handles bar in the previous versions of Windows. It is very difficult to grab the edges of windows if you are using the pen, then Windows 10 changes the volume level using the scroll The functionality is removed for the buttons present in the taskbar.
  • If you are fed up with the trial of Windows 10 and want to reverse the PC before the OS you are running. and  then it will not be easy. The previous Windows OS will need to be reinstalled from the recovery or installation disc – usually a DVD-that came with the PC.
     stop windows 10 update

    stop windows 10 update

Steps for  stop windows 10 update automaticaly

  • Click on start button
  • Go to setting on your windows 10 pc
  • choose option Update & security
  •  After that you wil see three option to Change active hour and View update history and Advanced option then choose Advanced Option
  • Scroll down one time you will see option Pause Updates Turn ON it
  • You have successfully deactivated automatic windows update.

Second mathod for stop windows 10 update automaticaly

  • Click on start button
  • Go to setting on your windows 10 pc
  • choose option Network and Internet  then click enter.
  • GO to connection properties Wifi / Ethernet
  • find Option Set as metered connection Turn On It
  • thats It Windows automatic updates stops but this mahtod is temporary. and If you change the network you required to change Again connection type Again

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How to stop windows 10 update 100% working trick


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